On “Nature-Deficit Disorder and the Restorative Environment”

Photo from: http://somethingthatdescribesmeandmyarticles.blogspot.com/2012/12/nature-deficit-disorder.html
Photo from: http://somethingthatdescribesmeandmyarticles.blogspot.com/2012/12/nature-deficit-disorder.html

This excerpt talked about the correlation between an increase in ADHD and ADHD treatment and the decrease in children’s allowed playtime. This makes sense because without the playtime, extra energy that all children have is not expended.  It is claimed that television and the switch from a rural to urban culture.  The loss of the agricultural society caused children to miss out on fishing, farm chores, tree climbing, etc. and the nature aspect of the exercise.  The excerpt also draws to your attention the idea that in our brains, we haven’t had enough time to evolutionarily catch up to our rapid advances in technology.  Bringing children into a nature setting can make a big difference in how they feel and behave, whether or not it has been proven as of yet.  The “restorative effect” was seen after taking children through a wilderness program and observing a sense of peace and clear thinking.  There were more studies done and in each case, the exposure to natural, green spaces there was at least a boost in attention span afterward.  Even if there is simply a window to nature, caring for trees or plants in the surroundings, and having some time to play outside improved performance.  The end of the chapter with the “Touching the Sky with a Stick” story was very touching because at risk teens who were taken to nature and met young children who had more bravery simply because they had grown up in nature.  The memories from that trip will stick with them forever.


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